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All jurors scheduled to appear for jury service for the week of 1/13/2020


in court for jury service on the Date of Monday, January 13, 2020

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the time listed on your summons if possible. Do not bring any weapons into the Courthouse. After entering the Courthouse, either take the stairs or the elevator to the second floor. Walk through the metal detector, and after the deputy clears you to enter, go into the Courtroom down the hall on the right. Please turn off all cell phones once you enter the Courtroom and sit and wait for further instructions.

If you need to call about being excused from jury duty, please do so as soon as you receive your summons. Please give us the name on your summons, even if your name has changed, and the reason you want to be excused.  Keep your summons until you are released. You will need this document in order to be paid for your service as a juror.